Pickup Locations
Pickup Locations are places where we meet you with your order.  Common locations are home driveways or parking lots.  We work closley with each location leader to facilitate each delivery.  Use the Pickup Meat Order Form (below) to place your order for pickup.  While filling out the form you will select your pastured meat products (no minimum order) as well as the pickup date and location.  2019 pickup locations and dates include:

  • Fitchburg, WI: Evenings (2-5 pm), June 8th (full), August 10th, October 12th, & November 9th
  • Oostburg, WI​: Mornings (9 am - 12 pm), June 8th (full), August 10th, October 12th, & November 9th

Currently items available for our pickup locations include our pastured chicken, turkey and eggs (pork and lamb products available by the end of 2019).  Many of our products for pickup locations have an approximate weight or weight range to simplify the ordering and payment process.  We strive to deliver you the weights you order but sometimes weights may vary slightly.  Please understand that Greater Lakes Farms is a small farm not a large warehouse and on rare occasions certain items may have limited availability our be out of stock.

Be sure to mark your calendars for your order pickup date and time.  A few days prior to the pickup date we will follow up with an email reminder.  Since we have multiple pickup locations scheduled in a single day and to be fair to other customers we cannot wait on latecomers.  

Pickup Location Order Form

Commonly Asked Questions

How do pickup days work?

How is my order packaged?

Is there a delivery fee?

Arrive at the pickup location during your scheduled time.  You will be greeted by our farm's friendly delivery driver who will carry it to your vehicle.  All orders are boxed so you will not need coolers unless you are traveling more than an hour. 
All meat items come packaged and frozen.  Eggs are packaged in cartons.  Your itmes will always be packed in boxes or bags for your convenience.
In order to help cover fuel and labor costs all orders incur a flat $5 charge.  There are no fees on orders picked up at our farm in Francis Creek, WI.

What is needed on pickup day?

What if I miss my pickup date?

When is the order deadline?

It's recommended you bring a copy of your order's confirmation email or have it accessible on your phone.  This can help speed up the process.  Also, if you are planning on traveling more than an hour home it's recommended you have a cooler.
We ask for a 48 hour cancelation notice prior to your scheduled pickup date if you are unable to make the date.  If you miss your pickup without providing a 48 hour cancelation notice a $25 restocking fee will be charged.
Most order deadlines are 5 days prior to the delivery date however, some items may be order the day prior to pickup.