Our Mission
Here's a little summary about what we do and our missions.
Our mission is to raise quality, pasture raised chicken, turkey, lamb and pork products at a reasonable price as well as create quality wood products in our wood shop that we can bring to customers nationwide.

Greater Lakes Farms currently raises meat chickens, turkeys, sheep, and pigs on our pasture land and cedar forest located in the Town of Kossuth (between Francis Creek & Kellsnerville, WI).  All birds are raised on pasture from 2-3 weeks of age to processing. Our birds, sheep and pigs are raised naturally without using growth hormones.

In addition to the pastures Greater Lakes Farms hand crafts many great products in our woodshop.  Our primary focus is on yard games and rustic home decor.  We enjoy providing products that bring happiness and joy to our customers all throughout the United States and Canada.  The best part about our wood shop is that a percentage of all sales goes to a conservation fund that is spent on conservation efforts in the Great Lakes Basin with an emphasis in the Green Bay area.

Greater Lakes Farms is a proud member of:
  • American Pasture Poultry Producers Association
  • Baird Creek Preservation Foundation
Even though Greater Lakes Farms is in its beginning stages we feel as though we are already starting to make an impact with our conservation efforts.  We have donated funds to a number of conservation groups in northeast Wisconsin, implemented conservation practices on our farm, and preserved areas for wildlife and water quality protection. 

All credit (current and future) goes to our wonderful customers!
The Family Farm
More than a business - the Family Farm is a lifestyle - it is an ideal worth preserving.
  1. Liam & Miles
    Liam and Miles are inseparable! They enjoy riding on the UTV with dad when feeding the animals and on hot, summer days they get to spray the pigs with water guns.
  2. Joe & Annie
    Joe grew up on a small dairy farm east of Green Bay, WI and Annie grew up in the suburbs of Forest Lake, MN. Together Annie and Joe enjoy family time on the farm. (Goat photo bomb!)
  3. Lincoln
    Lincoln joined the farm at the end of the 2018 season. We are so blessed to have a happy, healthy little guy!